Two years ago my girlfriend Sarah gave me a Valentine’s Day present, of a suprise trip to Go Ape at Haldon Forest near Exeter. Thanks again for that one Missy, I hate heights, not the biggest tree fan in the world, especially falling out of them, but we both completed and got around the high tree top course and went for what I thought was a well deserved pub visit afterwards, where I swore to both Sarah and myself over that cold pint of whiskey that I would never do Go Ape ever again.

Until I met Lucy at a local wedding fayre one cold Sunday November morning. We met up a week later to discuss both her and her chap Chris’s wedding requirements. I knew Chris from my stint at Exeter’s B&Q where we both worked as youngsters, it seems a lifetime ago now that I walked around that store holding a bit of wood pretending to look busy.

They both went for their first date at Go Ape, and thought it fitting that their engagement shoot should take place there also, how lovely for them. Chris looked almost as scared as me at some points, we both took sanctuary in each other of how extremly out of our comfort zones we both were being half way up a tree with just a carabiner and bright yellow danger signs saying “DON’T FALL OFF” for company.

Lucy on the other hand skipped over the thread bare wooden boards like she was playing hopscotch, nerves of steel, to me everything had to get digested by my brain in stages

1) hold on,
2) try not to fall off
3) don’t look down,
4) stop looking down
5) take a picture
6) don’t look down or fall off…and it went like this for a good three hours.

It was definatly a team bonding session, the zip slides were great fun, and the best bit, as to me you’re re-entering normaility of the ground, but there is nothing like a bit of fear to bring a photographer and wedding couple closer together. All in all I had a great time, and I think they both did too.

I in all honesty missed out the last part of the course as I wanted to get some shots of the pair from ground level looking up. ( see what I done there 😉 )

It was most definatly worth doing, but i’ll just try and avoid any couples who met jumping out of a plane in the future, I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.


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