I’m on the very cusp of becoming a dad, for the second and third time consecutively, My fiancée Sarah and I are heading to the hospital tomorrow morning to have identical twin boys, we have names, a room for them to hopefully sleep all night, bags packed, two grandmothers, and a granddad, all coiled like springs waiting to help out.

Rose our youngest has turned two, seems a long while ago, but I am sure it will all start coming back this time tomorrow, like we’ve never been away.

We know when and what time we will have more children, it’s clinical this time, no guessing the date, it’s all there written down, timetabled in, which is weird. It feels a bit like I’m waiting for a taxi to arrive.

So, the pictures below are of Sarah, taken earlier today, in all her bloom, stick a fork in her and she’s done, we’re both really excited about the prospect of more children, great times ahead, and a new chapter that we’ll probably both never finish.

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