I know it’s a bit random, but I was trawling through my hard drive recently and found a batch of pictures I took of our family during Christmas 2013. I meant to do a blog on it a little closer to Christmas than this, but I have been mad busy with my wedding business (and three children) that these got sidelined for a bit.

Anyway, my twin boys Ross and Elliott look super cute dressed up as litle santas, not forgetting my three year old daughter Rose going on 21. Rose is very clever, and myself and my wife Sarah firmly believe that one day she will be a little entrepreneur, that’s if her shop-keeping skills are anything to go by.

One morning I was sat up in my office and I could hear Rose playing shops with her mummy and Nanny Wales, very sweet I thought, and so, I turned off my computer, and headed downstairs to play shop for myself, and buy some stuff from Rose’s shop. Rose had a till, a bar code zapper and money, very profesional, all to my disapointment when I got downstairs Rose firmly told me with her most serious business like face, “the shop is closed Daddy!”

Eventually, when Rose re-opened her shop I was very keen to buy, I bought a tin of sardines, never again, “That’s one hundred and sixteen pounds then please Daddy”. she seen me coming, plus the fact that her shop doesn’t give any change makes me doubley sure she could be a great candidate for the mini Apprentice”

If you want any family portrait photography in Devon or further afield or perhaps a photographic gift for a birthday or even Christmas then please get in touch.


Gareth Williams, photographer

tel: 07833249117














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