The groom being photographed before the wedding seems to be getting much more popular, it’s a chance to get the full story documented of your wedding day. GRW Photography would arrive wherever you are getting ready a couple of hours before you leave for the wedding venue, with your best men and ushers in tow.

This part of the day with the groom pictures is always a good crack, the lads are pretty much always up for it. You then get a contrast of the two parties getting ready prior to the wedding, so when you finally receive your DVD presentation case with your 600 plus edited pictures on it, you get minute by minute account of it all.

On a few occasions we have just followed the groom in the morning, and picked up the bride only at the wedding ceremony, as this sort of thing prior to the wedding isn’t for everyone, so we try and bespoke a wedding photography package to what suits individual couples.

It’s the one day of your life you want to remember everything, so what better way than giving it total coverage from the off. It’s a great opportunity for the groom to have his moment with his close friends and family, in 8 out of ten times ends up in a near by pub supping down some dutch courage, where friends all gather and the banter can truly begin.

We can be with you three hours before your wedding, or just half an hour before you set off, it’s something where you can really make it suit yourself, after twenty minutes of being in the room with the best men and ushers, you hardly notice a camera being pointed at you while your ironing out a final crease from your shirt, or putting the finishing touches to that speech. GRW Photography’s style is unobtrusive, natural wedding photography; making you feel at your ease gets the results we are all after.

By now, I should personally be a jedi master at putting on cravats and button holes, we get asked a lot to help out, not only with arranging how people look, but I have many a time been the taxi for ushers and best men to the wedding service.

If you are interested in this part of your wedding being photographed, then please get in touch, abd ask any questions you have, so we can then start piecing together your perfect wedding day photography package.

Thanks for your time.

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